Theresa’s Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience

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Theresa’s Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience – Knoxville Boudoir Photography


After photographing Theresa’s wedding, I knew she would have an amazing boudoir photo shoot! I love her confidence and her sensuality really came through in her images. She chose to start with the most adorable panda onesie to playfully capture a little joke between her and her new hubby. Totally a 180 from what I’m used to but it worked with her personality!

Here’s a peek into Theresa’s boudoir photography experience:

What made you choose Boudoir by Shanell B. for your session?
“After Shanell photographed our wedding it was a no-brainer! Shanell’s personality is a joy to be around and makes it so fun and easy to just be yourself.”

Did you have a boudoir photo shoot for a special occasion?
“My husband and I just got married and I wanted a gift for him.”

How did you feel going into your boudoir session?
“I was super excited but also really nervous. I don’t usually think or looks at myself in a sexy and positive way. Once we started shooting I was able to relax and really have fun with it!”

How do you feel now that your session is complete?
“Doing a boudoir session with Shanell was the single most empowering thing I’ve done for myself. I’m by no means at my “ideal weight” but decided that I need to love my body for the way it is and embrace I’m curvy self! (Also my husband digs my thicccness).”

What outfits did you select and what is your favorite?
“I wore a green piece, a red piece, a black piece and a panda bear onesie. Honestly they all look and felt incredible so I don’t have a favorite!”

Did you have a favorite part of your boudoir photo shoot experience?
“The whole thing!!! I didn’t want it to end! We played music! We laughed and joked around! She showed me every single pose and how to rock them! I loved every minute!”

Would you recommend a boudoir session with Shanell B.?
“I have already done so to so many women!”

Any advice for other ladies considering a boudoir session?
“Just go for it!! You are beautiful the way you are! I felt SO much body positivity, self-love, bravery and empowerment that I felt like a new girl! It was very refreshing to just be me, have fun in my own skin just the way I am, and embrace the CURVES!! I truly believe every woman needs to have this experience!”

Hair & Makeup Artist: Rachel Hill, Stunning by Rachel

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Shanell Bledsoe is an award winning, published photographer based in Knoxville, TN.

Boudoir by Shanell B is East Tennessee’s premier boudoir photography studio located just minutes from McGhee Tyson airport and the Smoky Mountains. We specialize in women’s intimate portraiture and empowerment imagery, as well as simply having a bad ass good time.

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